Certified Home & Mold Inspections

Before buying a home in Fayetteville, WV or one of the surrounding areas, you should take the time to have a home inspection done. During a home inspection, a home inspector will walk through a home and let you know what kind of condition it’s in. They’ll also shed light on any potential problems with the home so you can ask a seller to make repairs or adjust the price of a property based on work that needs to be done. RDP Electrical Services Plus LLC can provide those in Fayetteville, WV with certified home inspections to give you peace of mind prior to purchasing a home. We also send a certified mold inspector to check for any signs of mold in a home you’re thinking about buying.

Certified Inspector Conducting a Home Inspection

When you perform one of our certified home inspections, a certified home inspector from RDP Electrical Services Plus LLC will take a closer look at just about every area of a home. They’ll evaluate the roof, the foundation, and almost everything in between those two things. That includes the electrical and plumbing systems, the heating and cooling system, appliances, flooring, and much more. We also supply you with a certified mold inspection as part of your regular inspection to see if you have anything to worry about in bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces.

At the end of certified home inspections, RDP Electrical Services Plus LLC provides clients with a comprehensive home inspection report filled out by a certified home inspector. This report details what the inspector found while walking through the inside and outside of a home. We also explain a home inspection report to a home buyer in greater detail so they have all the information they’ll need to make an informed decision when buying a house in Fayetteville, WV or one of the other cities in the area.

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